The fear of forecasting

Most of us would not embark on a trip around the world without spending hours on the web planning where to go and what to do. You ask friends for advice, buy a GPS and pack your good walking shoes. Yet many small businesses do not plan where they are going, how they will get there, or even have the most basic map they need – a budget.

Why?  Because somewhere along the line, it wasn’t critical. Guess what – it is now.

A budget provides you the road map in which to guide your business.  It provides you with key information to allow you to alter your direction if needed.  It will show the affect of seasonality, guide your marketing efforts and be an indispensible tool to manage your cash flow.

If you have a budget we applaud you, and please click here to make sure it is the best road map it can be.

I Have a BudgetI Don’t Have a Budget