Money isn't everything. Managing it is.

Financial Tips

Money is only a tool to enrich your life – nothing more…

  1. Once you understand your relationship to money, the rest is just habits and math.

Spend less than you earn – any other way leads to bankruptcy

  1. Accept what you can make, understand your expenses.
  2. Pay your credit cards off monthly or cut them up.
  3. Defer your purchases.

Keep your credit clean – bad credit costs you money

  1. NEVER bounce a check. Get overdraft protection.
  2. Pay your bills on time, always.
  3. Use automatic payments whenever possible.
  4. Don’t co-sign for anyone.

Have some cash – this equals freedom

  1. Have a line of credit or cash equal to 3-6 months of expenses.
  2. Cash gives you freedom from your employer.
  3. Cash gives you freedom from your worry/emergencies.
  4. Cash gives you freedom from to pursue opportunities – travel, education

Save 10% of your income – always

  1. Pay yourself first (who else is more important?).
  2. Save tax-deferred.
  3. Don’t let debt stand in the way of saving for the future.
  4. Understand the “magic” of compounding and time.

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